Investor Sharemarket Game

NEW! A fun board game teaching the principles of successful sharemarket investing.
Learn how to succeed in the sharemarket with this challenging and FUN game.

INVESTOR Sharemarket board game is designed to teach you how the sharemarket works… and how you can succeed as an investor!
By investing in a model sharemarket — building up a share portfolio and creating wealth — players learn normal share market terminology and understand the real workings of the stock exchange.

The winner is the first player to take over one of the companies on the WORLDWIDE STOCK EXCHANGE using the strategies real-life investors use.

Along the way, players learn the jargon of the share market, how investing in shares and collecting dividends actually work, how take-overs and insider trading can affect your investments and how to accumulate wealth in shares — “investing in businesses”.

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Investor game is great fun for adults and children to play (it’ll bring out a competitive streak in most people!) It’s a fun and educational way for parents to teach their children the secrets, risks and rewards of investing in the share market. Suitable for ages 10+ and for 2 – 6 players Investor game comes with:

  • Rules and instructions
  • ATrading board
  • 62 stock exchange announcement cards
  • A calculation sheet (to help you calculate dividends)
  • A pad of shareholder statements/cash management sheets (your scoresheet)
  • Pencils, tokens and dice
Created, designed and manufactured in New Zealand. This your chance to learn about the share market, then test your skills against family and friends and become the greatest investor. A ’short game’ takes an hour plus and a long game like Monoply® or CASHFLOW® can take three hours or more.

Price: $69.95

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