Mark Withers

Property Tax — NZ Investor’s Guide (updated third edition)


This book is a concise guide to essential information about tax — information you need to succeed in property — and how to make sure you’re paying no more than you have to, while claiming your legal deductions.

Accessible, written in plain English with lots of practical examples, this updated third edition of Property Tax covers the key issues of taxation affecting real estate investors in New Zealand.

Based on his ten years experience as an accountant and property investor, Mark Withers explains — in simple language — areas that can seem complex.
He covers legal structures, GST, depreciation, rental yields, and what can and can’t be claimed. He shares his strategies for success as an investor and provides valuable hints for avoiding trouble with the IRD.

Read this book and expand your knowledge of:

  • What you can claim
  • Structures for ownership, including LAQC’s
  • GST issues
  • Depreciation
  • When you should sell
  • Implications of sale
  • Successful investment strategies
  • Boarders & Flatmates
  • Holiday homes as investments
  • Buying property in Australia
  • Trading versus investing
  • Taxable land transactions
  • And much more…

An easy-to-read book on a vital topic for every NZ investor.

Written by Mark Withers, a chartered accountant and director of Withers Tsang & Co Ltd, a firm specialising in tax advice for property investors.
Mark is a popular speaker at Property Investors conferences and writes a monthly column in NZ Property Magazine. He is a successful commercial and residential property investor himself, a founding member of the Auckland Property Investors Association.


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How to Survive and Prosper in a Falling Property Market

Protect and build your wealth — experienced investors share strategies
FREE Download: Sample chapter

How to Survive and Prosper in a Falling Property Market … and other vital secrets to building wealth through real estate

Learn how to invest for PROFIT and SAFETY in a changing property market.
Get the inside story on what happens as the property cycle turns.

These veteran investors and expert authors share essential facts, advice and wealth-building strategies for today’s property investor.

Read this clear and accessible handbook to learn how to both safeguard and increase your real estate assets as the market changes.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

In How to Survive and Prosper in a Falling Property Market you’ll learn…

  • different strategies for success during the phases of the property market
  • warning signs and indicators to watch
  • how to keep track of the key fundamentals as they change
  • where the pressure builds in a cooling property market
  • how to position yourself to benefit from emerging opportunities
  • how to avoid the mistakes even intelligent investors make
  • dealing with finances under pressure
  • bargain-hunting strategies — and how to recognise a ’bargain’ that isn’t!
  • … plus much more.
Andrew King
Andrew King is the author of two best-selling books, Create Wealth: Residential Property Investment in NZ and Planning for Property Success. As a long-time officeholder in various property investor associations, Andrew is a high-profile and respected media spokesman on residential property.
Mike McCombie
Mike McCombie has 25 years of hands-on experience as a residential and commercial property investor. Mike has been involved in virtually every facet of commercial property investment and development. He has taught principles of successful investment at training courses on both sides of the Tasman and recorded a popular DVD video programme Proven Formulas for Investing in Commercial Real Estate
Mark Withers
Mark Withers is a specialist property accountant, advisor, residential and commercial investor and the author of Property Tax – A New Zealand Investor’s Guide. Mark’s practical and plain-talking advice is based on years of experience dealing with thousands of transactions for his clients and his own investment property portfolio.
Tony Steindle
Tony Steindle is a lawyer whose practice covers all aspects of real estate law. His clients include investors of all sorts, as well as developers and commercial landlords. Tony is the author of Property Law – A New Zealand Investor’s Guide and a sought-after advisor and speaker on legal issues affecting property investors.
Compiled and edited by Peter Aranyi
Peter Aranyi is the author of Commercial Real Estate Investor’s Guide and editor of several best-selling books on property investment. His training company Empower Education is a trusted source of practical and impartial information — and part of the success of thousands of property investors throughout Australasia.

You will benefit from the vital insights these investors bring from their wide experience.
Impartial and independent.

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The OUTLOOK 2014 – Audio programme

The NZ Property Market turns again — LIVE Recording of this Update for investors

Westpac Chief Economist Dominick Stephens and specialist property accountant Mark Withers share insights, information, advice — and their outlook for the NZ economy and property market.

What are the risks and opportunities ahead?

A no-nonsense briefing session for investors with Westpac chief economist Dominick Stephens and expert property accountant & investing strategist Mark Withers.

DOMINICK STEPHENS Westpac Chief Economist. Through years of research, Dominick has identified and focuses on the real drivers of the housing market (taxation, interest rates, inflation etc). He showed that property investors who kept investing in rental houses during the last big boom, ignoring the warnings, were right. Having worked in forecasting and interest rate decisions at the Reserve Bank of NZ, Dominick understands the jargon and the mindset, but he is a plain-talking, entertaining, and easy-to-understand speaker.

MARK WITHERS specialist property accountant, partner in Withers Tsang & Co. and author of Property Tax – A New Zealand Investor’s Guide and audio programmes: The 7 Key Traits of Successful Property Investors. NZ’s had wholesale changes to its tax rules, and Mark’s expertise at the coal-face is invaluable. So is his willingness to explain the practical impact of recent developments, and some predicted — on investors and owners who want to improve property.

Discussion Topics

  • What’s driving New Zealand’s housing market at present?
  • Is it a tale of two markets? (i.e Akl & Chch vs the rest?)
  • What effect will LVR restrictions have on the market?
  • Are they here to stay? Is the Reserve Bank thinking twice? Or considering exemptions?
  • The OCR is picked to start rising early next year — how far will it go? And what will determine that?
  • How will a rise in interest rates affect house prices?
  • Inflation is rising — and predictions of more around the corner. How will that embolden the Reserve Bank?
  • Mortgage interest rates: Is ‘Fix now!’ still good advice?
  • How does the mix of fixed or floating mortgages effect the market’s sensitivity to OCR moves?
  • Is a predicted ‘slowdown’ still on the cards? (Westpac forecast real house price declines ‘later this decade’.)
  • Where is the high NZ dollar headed?
  • Foreign buyers — any real effect on the NZ market?
  • Westpac picks slower economic growth 2015-2020.
  • Canterbury rebuild and period of intense house price growth — these are temporary factors. What’s next?
  • What tax options do landlords with newly ‘profitable’ rental properties have?
  • What are the implications and factors to consider when selling a rental property (say, with lots of accumulated depreciation)? How should an investor time these decisions?
  • Tips and traps in the new tax environment: What’s catching investors out right now?
  • Dealing with repairs vs. improvements.
  • We’re used to seeing changing tax policy driving investment decisions… What’s on the table or being discussed with IRD/Treasury now?
  • What’s the effect of the new mixed-use rules on rental baches (Is casual renting/tax deductibility a thing of the past now?)
  • Life without depreciation allowances
  • Up-to-date advice for financing rental property now?
  • How are the Look Through Company arrangements working out compared to LAQCs they replaced?

This audio programme consists of LIVE recordings of the two speakers’ presentations at the the OUTLOOK event (held in Auckland at the end of last year) and a copy of the Course Notes booklet given to participants of the event.

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Price: $35.95

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