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The message in this book is that you can build wealth and achieve your financial dreams.
Through their empowering, inspiring stories of people from all walks of life who put their financial lives in order, accumulated a nest egg through saving and investing, and prepared for the future, they provide a step-by-step program for mastering the financial system in which we live:

  • Getting control of your money and saving on a regular basis.
  • Eliminating debt and maintaining good credit.
  • Growing your money through prudent investments.
  • Using the internet to manage your personal finances and obtain information about products and services so that you can buy them at the best available price.
  • Preparing for major life events such as retirement, sending your children to college and providing for elderly and disabled family members.

The financial self-help program found in It's About the Money will help everyone participate fully on the financial engine that drives the country. It will show you how to get access to capital and then increase and keep it and build a better life for yourself and your family.

Jesse Jackson

Price: $19.50

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