The Cashflow Quadrant

THE follow-up to the best-selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad, this book is written as a guide for you to find the financial fast track that best works for you. It is not about getting rich quick. It is about a way of thinking and educating yourself in the direction you want your financial life to go. It is about taking control of your financial life by finding the path that works best for you. It is about choosing the education that you want so you can determine the life you want.

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant describes the four types of people who make up the world of business and the core value differences between them . It discusses the tools an individual needs to become a successful business owner and investor. Learn about the four CASHFLOW Quadrants and you will understand the important keys to creating wealth. A must for business owners.

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Commercial Real Estate Investor’s Guide

Presented in clear, accessible language, and loaded with lots of real-world examples, Commercial Real Estate Investor’s Guide sheds light on the key issues surrounding investing in commercial and industrial property in New Zealand.

Download table of contents and a sample chapter here
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This book brings together impartial and vital information from a group of experienced local investors and experts who share their frank advice for making money as an investor.
Whether you’re a novice or seasoned investor, this book will fill gaps in your knowledge and show you how to succeed in this profitable field.


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  • What to look for in a commercial investment
  • How to find opportunities in the different sectors
  • How to evaluate a deal
  • Offer and negotiation strategies
  • Due diligence — how to make the most of it
  • Dirty tricks and traps when buying
  • How to read a lease — vital points to watch
  • Raising finance on a commercial deal
  • How to add value to an existing investment
  • Managing tenants
  • Tax issues for NZ commercial property investors
  • Property cycles and how they affect commercial investments
  • Where to get independent advice, and how to build a team of professionals
  • …and more!
Based on years of research and combined experience, this independent and impartial handbook is essential reading for investors in commercial and industrial property in New Zealand.

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How to Survive and Prosper in a Falling Property Market

Protect and build your wealth — experienced investors share strategies
FREE Download: Sample chapter

How to Survive and Prosper in a Falling Property Market … and other vital secrets to building wealth through real estate

Learn how to invest for PROFIT and SAFETY in a changing property market.
Get the inside story on what happens as the property cycle turns.

These veteran investors and expert authors share essential facts, advice and wealth-building strategies for today’s property investor.

Read this clear and accessible handbook to learn how to both safeguard and increase your real estate assets as the market changes.

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In How to Survive and Prosper in a Falling Property Market you’ll learn…

  • different strategies for success during the phases of the property market
  • warning signs and indicators to watch
  • how to keep track of the key fundamentals as they change
  • where the pressure builds in a cooling property market
  • how to position yourself to benefit from emerging opportunities
  • how to avoid the mistakes even intelligent investors make
  • dealing with finances under pressure
  • bargain-hunting strategies — and how to recognise a ’bargain’ that isn’t!
  • … plus much more.
Andrew King
Andrew King is the author of two best-selling books, Create Wealth: Residential Property Investment in NZ and Planning for Property Success. As a long-time officeholder in various property investor associations, Andrew is a high-profile and respected media spokesman on residential property.
Mike McCombie
Mike McCombie has 25 years of hands-on experience as a residential and commercial property investor. Mike has been involved in virtually every facet of commercial property investment and development. He has taught principles of successful investment at training courses on both sides of the Tasman and recorded a popular DVD video programme Proven Formulas for Investing in Commercial Real Estate
Mark Withers
Mark Withers is a specialist property accountant, advisor, residential and commercial investor and the author of Property Tax – A New Zealand Investor’s Guide. Mark’s practical and plain-talking advice is based on years of experience dealing with thousands of transactions for his clients and his own investment property portfolio.
Tony Steindle
Tony Steindle is a lawyer whose practice covers all aspects of real estate law. His clients include investors of all sorts, as well as developers and commercial landlords. Tony is the author of Property Law – A New Zealand Investor’s Guide and a sought-after advisor and speaker on legal issues affecting property investors.
Compiled and edited by Peter Aranyi
Peter Aranyi is the author of Commercial Real Estate Investor’s Guide and editor of several best-selling books on property investment. His training company Empower Education is a trusted source of practical and impartial information — and part of the success of thousands of property investors throughout Australasia.

You will benefit from the vital insights these investors bring from their wide experience.
Impartial and independent.

Price: $39.95

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Negotiating Real Estate Deals – How to unlock a GREAT deal (eBook)

Smart strategies you can use when buying, selling, leasing and raising finance …

Negotiation has rightly been called the highest hourly-rate work in the world. Sometimes you can, in a matter of seconds, make (or save) tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars through negotiation. At other times, by chipping away at a deal over months, you can literally create a bargain that richly rewards your patience and effort. It’s worth taking any negotiation seriously and preparing for it. It’s worth consciously building your negotiation skills.
- from Commercial Real Estate Investor’s Guide

So true. By learning to control your reactions, and watching your language, you can make a fortune. Or save it.

This new book Negotiating Real Estate Deals – How to unlock a GREAT deal is based on proven material and the experience of masters in the area of property deals and negotiation — see ’What’s covered’ below.
The eBook is downloadable in fully-printable PDF format and in ePub format which ’flows’ in eBook readers on phones, iPads, kindles etc. (Your purchase gets you both versions!)*

’Negotiating Real Estate Deals – How to unlock a GREAT deal’ will give you valuable and useful pointers — tips for your own successful negotiations.

This eBook gives you the chance to learn from the experiences of others — as Dolf de Roos says: “Improve the most valuable real estate you own: the six inches between your ears.”

Negotiation is a Game – this book is about learning how to play it better

Additional DescriptionMore Details

It’s about learning how to get MUCH BETTER results than before.

We all like to avoid mistakes — you won’t dodge ALL the mistakes completely. (Sorry, that’s impossible.) Like any game, we can learn a LOT by getting alongside more experienced players and asking them to teach us what they know…

With the advice contained in this book, you can hopefully dodge some of the most expensive and painful mistakes — ones that have caught others out and taught them lessons which they can share with you.

  • You can learn how to deal with ’pressure’ in a negotiating situation – whether you’re the buyer or the seller
  • You can learn how to keep your cool and make the most of the situation
  • You can learn how to avoid being manipulated
  • You can learn how you can add value to the deal so that it goes smoothly and you get what you want.

Two things I want to be clear about –
#1 this is not a book teaching you how to rip people off. It’s not about teaching you how to find the soft white underbelly of distressed vendors, or people in trouble and exploit them. [You don’t need to do that to get a bargain, trust me.].
#2 it’s NOT our aim to load you up with a bunch of insincere glib phrases or ’tricks’ or to hypnotise you to become a ’clone’ of someone else. We have a saying: Be yourself. It’s who you do best.
– Peter Aranyi, editor

Negotiating Real Estate Deals – How to unlock a GREAT deal is about learning skills and information that will make a difference to your deals — buying, selling, leasing raising finance — and much more. It’s about HOW to work the negotiation so you get the best deal you can.

Not only that, what you learn are transferrable skills — things you learn in one context can be useful to you in another.

You can look at real estate investing as a game … but it isn’t gambling. It also isn’t about ’get rich quick’ — that said, I have personally, no bull, made tens of thousands of dollars of instant equity by buying property well — through negotation. And there are many others I’m sure who have done far better than me.

So, if you see property investing as a game, negotiating is one of the key skills players must learn — the skills are vital, because a mistake can cost you serious money — and doing it right can literally (not figuratively) make you a fortune.

Special introductory offer: save, and get a bonus audio programme

Order this eBook now at the special price of just $54.95 (normal price: $64.95) and receive the audio programme (MP3 files) How to Negotiate from a ’Position of POWER’ by Paul Vujnovich FREE of charge.


What’s covered? If you’re interested, and want to know more, have a look through to ’What’s covered’ and read about some of what you can learn from this new eBook … learning HOW TO DO IT BETTER from people with genuine experience.

* Price: $64.95 but available for a limited time for $54.95 (includes both PDF version and ePub version plus introductory bonus: How to Negotiate from a ’Position of POWER’ by Paul Vujnovich

Old Price: $64.95

Price: $54.95

You save: $10.00

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The Rascal’s Guide to Real Estate (updated expanded 3rd edition)

HIGH PROFILE investor, property expert and author Olly Newland’s best-selling book The Rascal’s Guide to Real Estate has been UPDATED AND EXPANDED in this THIRD EDITION.

An instant best seller when first published, The Rascal’s Guide to Real Estate is a streetwise handbook for today’s New Zealand property investors. Veteran investor and advisor Olly Newland delivers a comprehensive, up-to-date, credible, no-holds-barred how-to manual for the serious NZ investor or home buyer.

Olly is one of this country’s foremost property investors with more than 50 years experience in the property market (during booms and busts). The Rascal’s Guide to Real Estate is a valuable resource for TODAY’s investors and home owners, providing sound, tested advice — as well as a rollicking good read!

This comprehensive, well-organised manual covers important information vital to succeed in residential and commercial property investing. Olly shares tips, techniques and tricks of the trade to help his readers succeed as an investors in the sometimes cut-throat world of real estate.

View the book jacket LARGE here (click)

Additional DescriptionMore Details


Introduction: To start, first you have to stop
Know the difference between speculating and investing
Multiplicity is a good thing
Always look for Blue Sky deals
Real estate agents: the good, the bad, and the indifferent
Documentation: The paper war
Negotiating the deal
Get a good lawyer (and a psychiatrist!)
Take the time for Due Diligence
Raising finance
Falling in love can be expensive
Don’t get too friendly with your tenants
Pest control: owning flats
Be ever vigilant
Selling on low deposit: rent-to-buy or ‘Wrap’ deals
Commercial & Industrial
Doing up houses for fun and profit
Don’t believe everything you see or hear
Property syndicates
Tax and the investor
… and more! AVAILABLE NOW. Order from Empower Education.

Price: $39.95

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