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UPDATE: September 2010

This month, more than two years after the out of court settlement detailed below, Philip Ronald Jones (Phil Jones) published a number of untrue and misleading statements about this litigation. Continue reading

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Property gloom is good news‘ (Mark Withers on interest rates)
NZ_Herald 14 May 2010

$1m addresses on the increase‘ (Olly Newland on the market)
NZ_Herald 30 May 2010

House prices on Budget brink‘ (Olly Newland on the market)
NZ_Herald 10 May 2010

House mortgage market drying up‘ (Olly Newland on the market)
NZ_Herald 16 April 2010

Home loan approvals take record tumble‘ (Olly Newland on the market)
NZ_Herald 15 April 2010

Olly Newland on TV3 News 18 Jan 2010VideoArticle

Predators may strike again‘ (Olly Newland on spruikers and rent guarantees)
NZ_Herald Sunday 15 Nov 2009

Tenancy a cheaper bet‘ (Andrew King and Mark Withers discuss rent-to-buy, and reducing debt)
NZ_Herald Sat 31 Oct 2009

When investing becomes gambling‘ (Diana Clement article quotes Olly Newland)
NZ_Herald Monday 5 Oct 2009

Owners get handy for added interest‘ (Olly Newland’s top tips for adding value to your do-up)
NZ_Herald Sunday 30 Aug 2009

Agents get daring in a soft market‘ (Olly Newland on changes in marketing)
NZ_Herald Sunday 22 Aug 2009

Should you buy or rent a house right now?‘ (Olly Newland)
NZ_Herald Thursday 9 Jul 2009

Property slump hits small-time investors‘ (Olly Newland)
NZ_Herald Sunday 30 June 2009

Olly Newland on TV3 News…


(Watch 3 News video)

“While house prices have recently edged back up, a series of reports out this weekend all warn values will soon come tumbling back down…”
Olly Newland: “I think we’re in a false dawn. Trouble is still coming, we’re not out of the woods yet.” Read article at 3 News 26 July 2009

Mortgage nightmare‘ (Olly Newland’s Herald on Sunday column )
NZ_Herald Sunday 31 May 2009 (Full version here)

Shaky foundations‘ (Olly Newland’s Herald on Sunday column)
NZ_Herald Sunday 17 May 2009 (Full version here)

Leaky building catchline latest sales ploy (Olly Newland on the enduring stigma of leaky homes) NZ_Herald 17 May 2009

Know how to steer around disaster when times are tough‘ (Olly Newland’s Herald on Sundaycolumn)
NZ_Herald Sunday 3 May 2008

Property investors get probing bank questions‘ (quoting Peter Aranyi from Commercial Real Estate Investor’s Guide)
Sunday Star Times Sunday 3 May 2008

Olly Newland on talkback radio with Wendyl Nissan Newstalk ZB
Sunday 26 April 2009
Listen or download (MP3 24 minutes)

Beware of false dawns‘ (Olly Newland’s Herald on Sunday column)
NZ_Herald Sunday 19 April 2008 (Full version here)

House price bounce called ‘suckers’ rally’ Olly Newland responds to Westpac report
Dominion-Post/Stuff 25 March 2009

Property expert urges caution (Olly Newland) Newstalk ZB News 22 March 2009

Olly Newland on talkback radio with Kerre Woodham Newstalk ZB
Sunday 22 March 2009
Listen or download (MP3 29 minutes)

Safe tenancies way to prosper (Olly Newland’s Herald on Sunday column)
NZ_Herald Sunday 22 March 2009

Cover feature
Property falls, but is it time to buy? Cover feature on Olly Newland by Neville Glaser
New Zealand Investor magazine (4 pages, 2MB PDF) March 2009

Olly on 3 News
Watch 3 News VIDEO
or at You Tube
February Auckland property sales up for Barfoot & Thompson.
Olly Newland: “Activity is up, …hopefully this is not just a blip but a sign of better things to come”
Read article at 3 News
5 March 2009

Break fee outrages vendor (Olly Newland suggests Disputes Tribunal) NZ_Herald 31 January 2009

Rental house of horrors (Mark Withers) NZ_Herald 28 December 2008

‘Merciless’ banks fail customers (Olly Newland) NZ_Herald 21 December 2008

Simple steps to increase your home’s value (Olly Newland) NZ_Herald 21 December 2008

Crash course for accidental landlords (Andrew King, Lisa Dudson on their new edition of The Complete Guide…Sunday Star Times 14 September 2008
Get the book here

Investing Through the Trough (Andrew King speaking on How to Survive and ProsperCapital Property Investors Association 9 September 2008

Radio interview (Andrew King & Lisa Dudson talk to Jim Mora about their revised edtion ofCreate Wealth: The Complete Guide to Residential Property InvestmentRadio NZ National 1 September 2008 (20 min MP3 6.5 MB) Get the book here

Copyright dispute turns into saga NZ_Herald 13 August 2008

Richmastery admits plagiarising parts of books news blog 9 August 2008

Copyright allegations proved true Sunday Star Times 3 August 2008

Blue Chip papers given to SFO at secret meeting (Olly Newland) NZ_Herald 24 July 2008

Blue Chip investors urged to get legal aid (Olly Newland) NZ_Herald 23 July 2008

Property firm making waves in local market (reporting Empower authors’ copyright infringement case) The Marlborough Express 16 July 2008

Property: Buy now or wait? (Andrew King) NZ_Herald 12 July 2008

‘It’s an ugly time’ in property (Olly Newland) Sunday Star Times 29 June 2008

Sour taste for Merlot clients (Olly Newland) NZ_Herald 21 June 2008

Property stacks up on risk and return (Mark Withers) NZ_Herald 25 May 2008

Mortgagee caution (Tony Steindle on mortgagee sales) NZ_Herald 24 May 2008

In the Gun (Serious Fraud Office announces investigation following complaint and information supplied by Olly Newland on behalf of Blue Chip investors) NZ_Herald 17 May 2008

VIDEO: Property Market Crash? Or media beat up?
- featuring Olly Newland author of The Rascal’s Guide to Real Estate
Watch it at YouTubefrom TVNZ: TV One’s ‘Close Up’ with Mark Sainsbury 13 May 2008. All rights reserved.

Boom time for renters (Andrew King) NZ_Herald 11 May 2008

Price dive on over-borrowing (Andrew King) NZ_Herald 10 May 2008

Blue Chip investors’ battle for justice NZ_Herald 3 May 2008

Oz lures Kiwi property investors (Andrew King, Mark Withers) NZ_Herald 26 April 2008

Pay up or else, burned Blue Chip investors told NZ_Herald 23 April 2008

Perferct timing for property advice(Survive and ProsperHawkes Bay Today 23 April 2008

VIDEO: A Guide to Investing in Commercial Property
- featuring Mark Withers, Property Tax and Commercial Real Estate Investors Guide
Watch it at YouTubefrom NZ Open Home April 2008. All rights reserved.
Living Channel-EyeworksNZ-Touchdown (used with permission)

Property time bomb (Olly Newland on leasehold land) NZ_Herald 19 April 2008

SFO holds off on Blue Chip The Press 16 April 2008

Widow pleads to keep her home NZ_Herald 9 April 2008

Blue Chip investors ‘unwitting victims’ NZ_Herald 1 April 2008

Negative equity when property market slumps (Mike McCombie, Survive and ProsperSunday Star-Times 30 March 2008

Blue Chip – the good life for some Sunday Star-Times 30 March 2008

Don’t dream, it’s over (Olly Newland’s tips for buying a home) Dominion_Post 29 March 2008

How to find a real bargain in the property gloom (Andrew King, Survive and ProsperSunday Star-Times 23 March 2008

Rich pickings in property (Mike McCombie) NZ_Herald 16 March 2008

Struggling investors told to ask for mercy NZ_Herald 14 March 2008

Hold on tight for the crisis sales (re How to Survive and ProsperNZ_Herald 9 March 2008

Fraud Story: White collar crime booming NZ_Herald 1 March 2008

Probe into property hard sell (features Tony Steindle) NZ_Herald 24 February 2008

Property on the brink: Agents feel heat (with tips from How to Survive and Prosper in a Falling Property MarketNZ_Herald 22 February 2008

SFO looks into Blue Chip investment scheme NZ_Herald 22 February 2008

Commission steps in over Blue Chip NZ_Herald 20 February 2008

Commerce Commission to investigate Blue Chip complaints (following Olly Newland) NZ_Herald 19 February 2008

Commerce Commission to investigate Blue Chip Dominion Post 19 February 2008

Commerce Commission media release #111 re Blue Chip PDF or Commission website 19 February 2008

Fran O’Sullivan: Time for Blue Chip probe NZ_Herald 17 February 2008

Newland steps in Sunday Star-Times 17 February 2008

Blue Chip investors have a right to know NZ_Herald 16 February 2008

Blue Chip delays statement Dominion Post 16 February 2008

Nineteen NZ ‘property’ firms go bust MSN Money/AAP 15 February 2008

Blue Chip investors’ debts keep mounting NZ_Herald 15 February 2008

Complaint laid against Blue Chip firms Dominion Post 15 February 2008

Blue Chip investors “need government intervention” NBR/NZPA 14 February 2008

Thousands in fear over ties to Blue Chip firms NZ_Herald (front page) 14 February 2008

Huge task to unravel Blue Chip web NZ_Herald 14 February 2008

Property – time to take care out there NZ_Herald 11 February 2008

Millionaires’ Row is now just Main St NZ_Herald 10 February 2008

Blue Chip blues NZ_Herald The Business 8 February 2008

Investors in property firm rally together as rent backlog mounts NZ_Herald 31 January 2008

Blue Chip to outsource short-term stay business NZ_Herald 30 January 2008

Blue Chip investors back call for action NZ_Herald 9 January 2008

Desperate Blue Chip investors await rent NZ_Herald 8 January 2008

The 3-hour millionaire (Review: Cashflow Game) NZ_Herald 28 December 2007

Housing now ‘dead money’ for some Dominion Post 11 December 2007

TV Review: Property Climbers NZ_Herald 10 December 2007

Investors get jitters over property firm NZ_Herald 7 December 2007

Gloomy outlook need not be end (How to Survive and Prosper in a Falling Property MarketSunday Star-Times 2 December 2007

New age versus the old school NZ_Herald Business 30 Nov 2007

Property Climbers is No 1 – TV viewing figures NZ_Herald Time Out 29 Nov 2007

“Seeking Information: Copyright infringement-Richmastery” (public notice)
NZ_Herald24 Nov 2007 and Sunday Star-Times 2 Dec 2007 PDF

Investors in Blue Chip turn to critic Newland NZ_Herald 23 October 2007

Brace yourselves for repeat of 1987, says developer (Lost Property Review) NZ_Herald 19 October 2007

Crash course for investors (Lost Property Review) Sunday Star-Times 14 October 2007

After the fall – Feature: Lost Property NZ Listener 13 October 2007

Richmisery over mortgage-rate claim Sunday Star-Times 16 September 2007

Let’s all learn how to get sorted Sunday Star-Times 9 September 2007

Debt valley and how to live in it NZ_Herald 15 September 2007

Speed-wealth dream is just that (features Tony Steindle) NZ_Herald 1 September 2007

A fine forum for sharing ideas Sunday Star-Times 19 August 2007

100%+ finance deals leave investors exposed Sunday Star-Times 28 July 2007

Property investors under seige NZ_Herald 7 July 2007

Seminar Savvy NZ_Herald 7 July 2007

Legal challenges NZ_Herald 9 June 2007

Google risks ad lawsuits Sunday Star-Times 3 June 2007

Investing in four walls and a roof NZ_Herald 3 June 2007

Anger at ‘unethical’ web linksSunday Star-Times 27 May 2007

Fresh copyright allegations against property firm Sunday Star-Times 13 May 2007

Second-hand property advice Sunday Star-Times 6 May 2007

Richmastery accused of plagiarism More…

Best-selling author and investor advocate Andrew King tells it like it is about most property seminars (and has some kind words to say about Empower Education) in the NZ_Herald Friday 4 May 2007


Making Money in Commercial Property

A practical, nuts-and-bolts workshop which will teach you how to profitably invest in commercial real estate in NZ.
Led by experienced investors who are actually doing it.
Speaking from experience

We’re privileged to bring you these speakers at this special programme.
They are, in every case, rich in experience and knowledge about the world of Commercial Property in NZ. Collectively, they bring more than 100 years of real-world experience. More importantly, they are all straight-talking, intelligent operators who will give you the real-oil on this investment niche.

In presentations heavy with practical examples they’ll teach you some of the lessons and wisdom that they’ve learned through the nitty gritty of operating in their various Commercial Property markets. These presentations will be backed-up by clear, well thought-out course materials for you to take away for further study. These comprehensive course notes (not available separately) include real-world examples, tools and handouts to add to your own working notes from the course. You’ll want to review this valuable information.

You’ll learn the principles of sound investment in the various sectors. You’ll also benefit from tips and warnings about things that can bite you in sometimes shark-infested waters. You’ll get the chance to work through some of the vital numbers and factors which affect your success as an investor and learn how to massively improve your returns by changing your approach.
You can be confident that these teachers have the depth of knowledge and experience to give you practical, methodical and genuine strategies for success without hype or hoopla. Each of them has been investing through property booms and busts — and they’ll share vital information about how you can survive and prosper through economic cycles.

Mike McCombie
Experience counts. Wellingtonian Mike McCombie has 25 years of real, hands-on experience as a residential and commercial property investor and developer in New Zealand. His is not just theoretical knowledge but real life experience — with his own money, his own time, his own life, starting from nothing and building up. Mike hasn’t always got it right (who has?) but this adds to the wealth of experience and insight that he brings to share. You can benefit from this experience.

Mike has been involved, part-time and full-time, in virtually every facet of commercial property investment and development, including: visioning and strategic planning; finding and analysing deals; drafting and negotiating sale and purchase agreements; setting up appropriate legal structures; obtaining bank, non-bank and vendor funding; property management; sales and marketing; subdivision of land and buildings; apartment conversions; town house development; holding long term and trading commercial property.
Mike is now financially independent and a part-time investor. While, he’s passionate about financial freedom and wealth creation, Mike is also passionate about whole life balance.
Olly Newland
One of Auckland’s most colourful veteran investors. Olly is extraordinarily experienced in all aspects of real estate. He’s been a residential and commercial landlord and investor for more than 45 years and has purchased and managed commercial real estate on a truly multi-million dollar scale.
Olly now focuses on some of the most challenging sectors of commercial real estate. His personal experience of pitfalls, traps and dubious behaviour and his knowledge of investor scams are invaluable. Any investor would benefit from hearing Olly’s experience and warnings of what goes on — which prove the point that sometimes in investing ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. Olly is the author of six books on real estate, the ‘guru’ of TVNZ’s Property Climbers (just completed its second series), writes a regular column and is a commentator often quoted in the news.
Mark Withers
Experienced property accountant, commercial investor and author of Property Tax – A New Zealand Investor’s Guide Mark Withers will clarify some of the important tax issues affecting commercial investors — including the sometimes vexed question of ‘GST (if any) on commercial investments. Mark’s plain-talking advice is based on years of experience dealing with thousands of transactions for Withers-Tsang’s clients and charting the growth of their portfolios. Mark calls a spade a spade. His up-to-date expertise and knowledge of of recent tax law changes can save you a fortune, help you develop your own profitable strategy, and keep you out of the clutches of the IRD. Mark’s honest approach and his ability to distil sometimes complex information into a digestible action-plan or checklist makes him one of NZ’s most sought-after professional advisors.

Philip Blank and Vina Singh (BSA Law)
Phil Blank is a lawyer with 30 years experience in commercial property acquisition, development, and in all aspects of commercial leasing, particularly retail leasing. Phil has an impressive track record assisting owners seeking expertise at negotiating with large, national or international tenants, including franchise chains and major supermarkets.
Phil and his law partner Vina Singh, who has been in practice fro 20 years, have extensive knowledge of the legal issues, and (equally importantly) the practical realities facing owners of commercial property. At last count their law firm acted for 17 shopping centres around the countryas well as for many significant commercial landlords in a range of property types. Both Vina and Phil also act for a number of nationwide tenants. Their topics include a ‘Negotiating with major tenants’, ‘Leasing — getting it right from the start’ and ‘When tenants go bad — landlords’ remedies’.

Mike Jensen
Veteran financier Mike Jensen (Jensen Capital) will brief you on raising flexible investment finance. This is practical, real-world advice for investors seeking funding for commercial property and larger deals. You’ll learn about how the financier looks at the deal (and the person proposing it), what they look for, as well as traps and mistakes people make when raising money.
With a background as a valuer, Mike has a firm grasp of value drivers affecting commercial investment and development projects … and he will share his insight and perspective with you. This straight-talking robust session is extremely valuable and another one of the highlights of the course.

Peter Aranyi
Course co-ordinator Peter Aranyi, author of Commercial Real Estate Investor’s Guide has a decade’s experience as a property investor. He’s also been lucky enough to learn from some of the world’s best teachers and apply some their lessons directly in the local market. As well as ‘directing traffic’ at this programme Peter will share practical insights he’s learnt from his own experience (successes and mistakes) and those he’s adapted from other investors.

Plenty of time for your questions… and answers!
Through substantial sessions by the expert speakers above, you’ll learn valuable knowledge to help you move forward. One of the best things about this course is the opportunity you get to interact with the speakers, ask questions — and get answers. We schedule valuable Q&A sessions and forums throughout the programme. We’ve had great feedback about this aspect of the course.
Limited places. Join our mailing list to receive information about this course, email us or call 0800 66 22 55.

Note: these speakers and their presentations are totally independent and impartial. There is no hidden agenda to market property or related services. Speakers are confirmed, but subject to change due to unforeseen events.