INVESTOR Sharemarket game

investor board game

A fun board game teaching the principles of successful sharemarket investing. Learn how to succeed in the sharemarket.

INVESTOR Sharemarket board game is designed to teach you how the sharemarket works… and how you can succeed as an investor!

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NEW! Updated and expanded edition of ‘The Rascal’s Guide to Real Estate’ by Olly Newland


A revised, updated and expanded edition of Olly Newland’s best-selling book The Rascal’s Guide to Real Estate. (Full details here)

The Rascal’s Guide to Real Estate — Revised, updated and expanded (click to enlarge)

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Neil Jenman’s warning about property spruikers

Real estate advocate Neil Jemnan’s timeless article featured recently on the website.
Well worth a read…

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Originally from Neil Jenman’s website


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Negotiating Real Estate Deals – How to unlock a GREAT deal – What’s covered

This book will give you greater negotiation options and strategies — to help you unlock a GREAT deal.

If you’re lucky in life you can learn from people more experienced that you. This book draws together strategies for success in negotiating real estate and other deals as an investor, seller, buyer, landlord or tenant. Negotiating Real Estate Deals – How to unlock a GREAT deal is an approachable, digestible guide to what works (and doesn’t) in this vital area.  Available as an eBook.

Get the inside story on how you can greatly increase your ability to achieve the results you want in a negotiation. Learn about the costly mistakes some investors make when faced with a negotiation – and how you can avoid them. Discover the three crucial variables of ANY real estate negotiation – and how you can use them ethically, responsibly, to your advantage. Find out how to make the best of almost any negotiation by using proven, time-tested, specific and relevant techniques that apply directly to local conditions. Continue reading