Negotiating Real Estate Deals – How to unlock a GREAT deal – What’s covered

This book will give you greater negotiation options and strategies — to help you unlock a GREAT deal.

If you’re lucky in life you can learn from people more experienced that you. This book draws together strategies for success in negotiating real estate and other deals as an investor, seller, buyer, landlord or tenant. Negotiating Real Estate Deals – How to unlock a GREAT deal is an approachable, digestible guide to what works (and doesn’t) in this vital area.  Available as an eBook.

Get the inside story on how you can greatly increase your ability to achieve the results you want in a negotiation. Learn about the costly mistakes some investors make when faced with a negotiation – and how you can avoid them. Discover the three crucial variables of ANY real estate negotiation – and how you can use them ethically, responsibly, to your advantage. Find out how to make the best of almost any negotiation by using proven, time-tested, specific and relevant techniques that apply directly to local conditions.

Negotiating Real Estate Deals – How to unlock a GREAT deal will give you practical and useful tools, tactics and procedures, and – more importantly – it will help you develop your own successful approaches to different real estate negotiation situations. You won’t win every time, but you’ll do much, much better if you apply what you learn from this book. You’ll discover how to build your negotiation skills and awareness. You’ll gain knowledge that you will be able to use over and over again, in deal after deal, year after year.

Topics include:

  • How to prepare for a negotiation – vital rules to follow every time
  • Does it have to be win/lose? How to avoid sour compromise, and play the game ethically
  • Why almost any negotiation should be about much more than just price
  • Working with real estate agents – how to get them to help the process
  • Common tricks some negotiators – and some agents – employ. How to recognise them and deal with them
  • Some ‘never break’ rules for negotiation – when buying or selling
  • Using the three crucial variables of any negotiation
  • Some common mis-perceptions about what works
  • Developing your own negotiation style (or styles)
  • ‘Haggling’ and ‘bargaining’ versus ‘educating’
  • How to avoid being worn down or ground down
  • How to keep it from becoming personal (unless that’s exactly what you want)
  • Should you lay your cards on the table or keep them close to your chest? Sometimes it pays to be candid.
  • When to negotiate yourself – and when you would be better to use an intermediary
  • Ploys and ruses, strategies and tactics – using them, recognising them and countering them
  • How your tactics and approach will probably vary with the property cycle
  • How to identify vendors who are more likely to be flexible or ‘motivated’ – looking for clues without looking like a shark
  • How to generate options and alternatives, what to do when it looks ‘stuck’ (sometimes, the most flexible wins)
  • Calculating your ‘walk away’ – your real bottom line – and finding theirs
  • Understanding how power (or perceptions of power) can shift during negotiation and how to preserve yours
  • Negotiating with your existing tenants maintaining the relationship while getting what you want
  • New leases – seeing the long term implications of incentives, inducements and exclusivities. Traps for young players
  • Negotiating with larger tenants – how to work with them without giving in
  • How do you deal with an uncompromising opponent and remain reasonable
  • Whose paperwork or lease form? What are the implications of using theirs?
  • How you can sometimes make your terms palatable by understanding their need for something you can easily offer them
  • The dangers of ‘looking good’, the importance of building rapport
  • How you can identify – early – the relative bargaining strengths of each party
  • When to reach for a mediator or arbitrator … and how
  • Making the most of the offer/counter-offer process
  • When ‘flying a kite’ in a negotiation can blow up in your face
  • How to say what you mean without backing yourself into a corner
  • When to break off talks – really
  • Dealing with contractors, professionals or tradespeople under pressure

Order your eBook here (includes printable PDF & ePub versions). 

The best advice I can give you is this:
Find a way to benefit from the experience of others you can trust.
Get them (or their information) into your circle of influence.
If we can help, great. That’s what we aim to do.
Best wishes,
Peter Aranyi
editor, Negotiating Real Estate Deals – How to unlock a GREAT deal

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