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Oops – website problem. Please order books by phone/email

Sorry, our shopping cart is having problems. If you wish to order any books, please call us: +64 9 535 2415 or use the contact form to tell us what you want to order, and we’ll follow up. We hope … Continue reading

Is ‘Brexit’ what the worldwide property bubble has been waiting for (without knowing it)?

NEW COLUMN: IN A BOOK I PUBLISHED in the mid 2000s, called The Day the Bubble Bursts, veteran investor Olly Newland explained (among other things) that in his experience, property slumps are usually caused by an “off stage event”. Although … Continue reading

Climbing the Property Ladder – a memoir

Olly Newland’s book Climbing the Property Ladder — Tales of Profit and (mis)Adventure in the Real Estate Jungle is available now. “This book covers some of Olly’s amazing adventures as the purchaser, landlord, or vendor in a property deal or … Continue reading

Strategies for Success in Commercial Real Estate Investment (audio)

Instead of a column, here’s a 10 minute audio programme outlining 8 simple rules: Strategies for Success in Commercial Real Estate Investment. Feel free to share this link with people who might be interested in it. (But please contact us … Continue reading

Better Than Average (column)

Property investing is a game you win by beating averages There’s a lot of ‘secret sauce’ and bunkum sold in the ‘How-you-can-get-rich-investing-in-property’ game. Property spruikers and salesmen of all kinds will try to sell you on their Ten Step Magic … Continue reading